Race to the bottom

Recently I read the popular, post-apocalyptic, dystopian science-fiction novel by Suzanne Collins “The Hunger Games.” I was curious as to why it was so popular with young adults. It is the story of a rich and powerful metropolis, set in a future North America, which controls twelve impoverished surrounding districts and each year exacts a […]

Pawhuska pool suggestions

The Carl Short Fitness Center’s indoor exercise pool in Pawhuska is one of the best deals in this area. Those of us who go there regularly truly appreciate the opportunity it affords to increase strength, balance and a range of motion. Regular water exercise has decreased my joint pain and increased my muscles strength. I […]

The Obama Disconnect

It’s not that any of us really believe that politicians will keep their promises. Most of us would sooner trust a used-car salesman with his hand on our wallet. And then with some politicians, like the former George, we expect so little of, we’re never disappointed. Indeed such politicians are almost reassuring at times. But […]

Massacre of the Innocents

As I watched the drama unfold — the grief of devastated parents, the photos of the children, babies really, the heroic teachers, now dead — tears came to my eyes and rolled quietly down my cheeks. Never have I been so moved by anything I’ve watched on the television. Even for us, so inured to […]

Rumors need to be checked

Some tout citizen journalism but if the rumors that run amok on Facebook are any indication, you might want to stick with experienced professionals to get your news. Rumormongering can go viral, and we’ve particularly noticed it with the recent cases of missing people in Osage County. I feel almost like a drone, constantly writing […]

Sprucing up downtown can be simple

If anything was learned from August: Osage County filming in Barnsdall, it was how easy it is to at least superficially tidy up a small downtown. A few wood-slat blinds, a little gold sign in a window, and Barnsdall’s Main Street  hadn’t looked so good for years. The day after the movie shoot, I was […]

New press yields new look

New press yields new look

Whoa! What happened to The Bigheart Times this week? Well, after decades of printing at the Sapulpa Daily Herald, this week we decided to move on and use the press at Muskogee, that’s what. The new press has prompted some major changes, as you can see. We have a TON more color: 12 pages instead […]

Chinese junk

I had a dog leash I’d used for years. It was one of those with the retractable reel which would let my dog wander several feet away. It finally broke. No problem, I went to the store and bought another one. I couldn’t find the same brand but I found a cheaper one – Chinese […]

This time, let’s bail out the kids

Last year the student loan debt passed the $1 trillion mark. That’s 1000 billion dollars. It now exceeds the total debt for all credit cards in the country and many experts are warning that this will be the next credit bubble to burst. Here’s what Dr. Andrew Jennings, Chief Analytics Officer at FICO (the credit […]

Inhofe: The world is round, after all! (read with humor)

WASHINGTON, DC – Long the darling of global warming naysayers and  flat-earthers, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) announced today that he  has been “totally wrong” about the cause of global climate change and promised to make amends. In a startling policy reversal, Inhofe admitted that the results  of a recent study by the National Oceanic and […]

Felonies are reported, regardless of defendant or delay

Newspapers and media outlets play an essential role in informing the public. Sometimes it is not always information people would like published. The nature of news means The Bigheart Times, like many publications, will inevitably come into conflict with not only those it reports on but those it informs. The Times raised some hackles last […]

Our Heart of Darkness

Our Heart of Darkness

If you wanted to design a social system which would produce criminals, you could hardly do better than adopt as a model the  American criminal justice system. Each year the system graduates  hundreds of thousands of hardened criminals, more than forty  percent of whom will be repeat offenders. The system has also made  our country […]

Wild West days are here again

Wild West days are here again

My old friend Ernie called me up the other day and invited me over to sample his latest batch of home-brewed beer. He’s been making it for years and is considered something of an expert, at least in some quarters. When I arrived his wife, Wynette, answered the door. “Come on in,” she said, opening the door. […]

Changes afoot at BigheartTimes.com

Changes afoot at BigheartTimes.com

On Wednesday, The Bigheart Times made an unusual move for a newspaper: We put our website behind a pay wall. It’s also unusual for a weekly newspaper with a two-person newsroom to have a website of our caliber. The new move should please our past e-subscribers, who have been gradually left without access to the […]

Going behind a pay wall

Thanks to no fault of our own, our online subscribers were booted off the ‘net starting Jan. 1. Come May 2, we’re going to introduce a new online subscription system that will be easier, prettier and less unwieldy than the old one. Rachel Anne Seymour has devoted a lot of time and effort building the […]