Letters to the Editor

Pawhuska pool suggestions

The Carl Short Fitness Center’s indoor exercise pool in Pawhuska is one of the best deals in this area. Those of us who go there regularly truly appreciate the opportunity it affords to increase strength, balance and a range of motion. Regular water exercise has decreased my joint pain and increased my muscles strength. I […]

Letter of thanks

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Cornerstone Community Church and the entire Community of Barnsdall for the recent fundraiser held for me. I will be traveling to Colorado multiple times for brain surgery and follow up and it would not have been possible without the generosity and hard work of everyone […]

Boone claims “twisting of the facts and the disrespect”

Dear Editor: I read the article “Auction of Records causes row.” The statement “Boone and Bear were forthright that the OPA footed the bill for their trips” is incorrect as far as my expenses are concerned. The OPA did not pay all my expenses. In my opinion there was nothing unethical pertaining to the purpose […]

Cynthia Boone: 5 of 8 did not approve

In June 20, 2013, edition of The Bigheart Times there was a story titled “Local Ranchers head to D.C. for oil talks” a statement in the article states… and members of the Osage Minerals Council voted to approve a revised set of federal rules governing regulation of the Osage oilfield… It is important to note […]

‘Our town’ could benefit from meeting

JD Prather and Joyce Jech scheduled a Special Town Meeting on November 1, 2012 titled “What is Happening to our Town ?” This meeting presented a one sided version of recent events leading to the Town Resignations Of Marty Tucker (Town Coordinator), Dale Parrish (Fire Chief), and Dr. Britt (EMS Medical Director). There were many distortions, half […]

What is Happening to our Town?

Editor, On November 1, I hosted a meeting in Skiatook to reveal some truths about some negative, damaging and costly things going on in our community.  The title of the meeting announced in an ad in the Skiatook Journal was “What is Happening to our Town?” During a flip chart presentation in the packed meeting […]

Hilton a friend to rural fire

Scott Hilton is and has always been a friend and supporter of Rural fire departments.  Mr. Hilton, through his commitment to service, is instrumental in implementing actions that help further the protection of the people, not only in his service area but throughout the entire county.  The Rural Fire Departments of Osage County thank him. […]

Hilton goes above and beyond

In April of 2005, the Osage County Commissioners appointed me as Sheriff of Osage County due to the death of the  Sheriff at the time.  I received a great deal of support from many individuals.  But as always there are those who go above and beyond.  Commissioner Scott Hilton shared his knowledge and experience with […]

Hilton is man for job

It is my great pleasure to offer my support for Scotty Hilton for his re-election to Osage County Commissioner – District 2. In the past six years I’ve had the opportunity to inter-act with Scotty Hilton through the Osage County Industrial Board, Osage County Health Board, Osage Nation Congress, Pawhuska Business Development Center plus the […]

Bellamy deserves support

Next Tuesday Osage County will choose a county officer, the County Clerk. Running for office is Shelia Bellamy, a Deputy County Clerk with over 11 years of direct experience in the Clerk’s office. Opposing her is a Republican from Skiatook with no direct experience at the job. Although this is a political office, it is […]

Vote for Hilton

I have worked with Commissioner Scott Hilton since he was elected to office. Commissioner Hilton thinks of his people first and what is good for all of Osage County. Commissioner Hilton is definitely qualified and has the integrity and dedication to continue serving the citizens of Osage County. By Former Sen. J. Berry Harrison, Fairfax

New press yields new look

New press yields new look

Whoa! What happened to The Bigheart Times this week? Well, after decades of printing at the Sapulpa Daily Herald, this week we decided to move on and use the press at Muskogee, that’s what. The new press has prompted some major changes, as you can see. We have a TON more color: 12 pages instead […]

Biker rally not related to casino

In response to Mitch Shambles’ letter to the editor titled “Casino fears growing” last week, I would like to personally address any concerns citizens may have regarding our Bartlesville casino. First, we share the concerns of the Hauser family and the Bartlesville community, and we are hoping Mr. Hauser is found safe and unharmed. Safety […]

Are Bikers Evil?

Often a community of people will lump or stereotype another group of people into a category that is not fitting or true. This is the case with the “fearful person” of Bartlesville who thinks that all bikers are evil. First of all the term “biker” is inclusive to all those who ride and all those […]

DHS is a good neighbor

I have been monitoring recent news briefs in The Bigheart Times regarding the controversy between city counselors and county commissioners over the county-owned building currently occupied by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services in Pawhuska.  In these articles, there have been some misstatements made of DHS’s responsibilities and as the county director for the agency […]

Casino fears growing

Fear is growing in the community surrounding the Osage Nation’s Casino near Bartlesville. Families have been watching authorities conduct an extensive search around their homes for the body of a man reportedly lured away from the Osage Casino to be robbed and murdered by other casino patrons. The shock of this incident has open the […]

Firefighters were “amazing”

It’s amazing – yes, amazing – the response and diligence of all the firefighters that came to our wild fire. We have lived in this area for many years and are thankful for all the volunteer help we had recently. Even the help of a water scooping airplane helped “nip in the bud” a roaring […]

Volunteers spread thin, needing help from the community with a big heart

Every human being living in Barnsdall, or just passing through our community has the potential to need emergency medical care. At the present time our First Responders are doing a fantastic job in patient care but they cannot transport patients to nearby medical facilities. Once a call has been made asking for an ambulance, it […]


I agree with Congressman Red Corn on the application for recall, it makes since. Now for the nonsense: What is the motive in amending of the Membership vs. Citizenship?  Citizenship was thoroughly discussed during the Constitutional Committee and reviewed by many Osages.  I happen to have attended these meetings and the Sponsor of this bill […]

Osage Chief on separation of powers

Osage Chief on separation of powers

The Founding Fathers of our country recognized and understood the importance of the separation of powers among established branches of government, and this understanding was instrumental in drafting the United States Constitution. As a result, the separation of powers has become a key component at all levels of government, which include state, local and tribal […]


I’m not sure who was responsible for the wonderful article about our beloved daughter-in-law, D’Ann Rexwinkle, in the March 15 edition. I just want to offer a heartfelt thanks for the fantastic tribute. She was everything mentioned in the article and much more. She and I didn’t have the traditional mother-in-law/ daughter-in-law relationship. She always […]

NOTICE about Skiatook open meetings

Executive Sessions by the Skiatook Board Of Trustees on March 27, April 4, April 24, 2012 were illegal and are subject to a Court Imposed Injunction and Restraining Order. All decisions made during these Executive Decisions are subject to a Court Injunction and Restraining Order. According  to Joey Senat, Ph.D., Associate Professor, OSU School of […]

Meth zombies

Methamphetamine is ubiquitous in Osage County. It is cheap, profitable and gives an incredible high. The high ( euphoria ) lasts for 10-12 hours and its intensity is a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Mice studies reveal the stimulation and release of dopamine ( the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure ) is the equivalent of […]

Skiatook EMS standard of care

Strokes, possible strokes, MIs (heart attack), possible MIs, major trauma, and previous Tulsa hospitalization for current medical problems should all be transported by Skiatook EMS to a Tulsa Hospital. This is EMS “Standard Of Care.” After reviewing 70 Skiatook EMS Ambulance Reports, Skiatook EMS is transporting a significant number of these patients to Owasso to the […]