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The Chicken Question

The Chicken Question

There’s been a lot of loose, ill-considered talk around the fire this winter about chickens, their relative merits, egg-laying abilities, their ever-optimistic character, their quiet humor. There was also much reminiscing about chickens we’d known, such as Thelma and Louise, the indomitable Lucille, the tragic Alice, and of course, Komodo the Dragon Rooster. We recounted […]

Confirmation Bias

I can always tell when my old friend Ernie has been spending time with his conservative buddies, he gets the craziest ideas. So I wasn’t particularly surprised when I saw him in the parking lot of the Health Department the other day with a small group of them. They were holding signs, “Vaccines Cause Autism,” […]

Shadow Party

You may have heard the term, “Shadow Government.” It’s based on the idea that real political power is not held by the representatives we’ve elected but by individuals, groups or bureaucracies who act “behind the scenes” and are the true holders of governmental power. The very suggestion is enough to brand one as a conspiracy […]

A GOP Circus

A GOP Circus

It’s been an interesting week or so, what with the circus back in town. No matter that the same, old, tired pachyderms linked trunk to tail and circled the ring endlessly, no matter that the much-vaunted wild beasts were toothless and ragged, that the promising young chimpanzees were all borderline mad. No matter, the show […]



My old friend, Ernie, called me up the other day, said he was having a meeting about a community project and wanted me to attend. While I’m a little leery about his “projects” I agreed to be there and at least listen to what he had to say. There was already a small group gathered […]

The Lame Duck

Following the Democrats’ mid-term election disaster, which saw the Republicans gaining control of the House and the Senate, everyone assumed that Obama would follow the traditional path of former “lame duck” Presidents and spend his time playing golf, traveling internationally and generally developing his image as an elderly, semi-retired, statesman. Few thought he’d ever get […]

Fight for 15

Fight for 15

You may have heard of “The Fight for Fifteen,” the grass-roots labor movement which aims to establish a new Federal Minimum Wage of $15 per hour. It would benefit millions of low-wage workers who are struggling to feed their families. But there is another, lesser-known, “Fight for Fifteen” whose adherents are just as vocal and […]



A new year and you’ve probably already made your New Years Resolutions or you’re seriously considering doing so. Or maybe you’ve just pulled out those from last year, dusted them off, and you’re ready to go again. But wait, this is the path to failure and folly. I warn you, you’ll be wasting your time. […]

A Better People

A Better People

After 9/11, when the politicians and courts were busily dismantling our Bill of Rights with hardly a whimper from the public, I told myself that the American people were in a state of shock and would soon recover and demand a return of their constitutional rights. Then, when it became clear that our government was […]

Cattleman of the Year

Cattleman of the Year

Frederick F. Drummond, a man who left the banking industry to take over his family’s ranch when his father fell ill with cancer in 1958, was named the Oklahoma Cattleman of the Year over the weekend. He earned the title not through the prowess of his cowboying skills, but through his business acumen and lifelong […]

Winds of change

For years I’ve been joking with friends and relatives, threatening to move to a medical-marijuana state when I got older. But these days, when I wake up most mornings stiff and aching, having a legal, safe and effective treatment for my arthritis and diabetic neuropathy is no longer a joke. Now about this time, there […]

Buying America

On Thursday of last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid got into a spat with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in which Reid accused the conservative, libertarian, billionaire Koch brothers of trying to buy the country. What he said was, ‚”Because of a United States Supreme Court decisions called Citizens United, there’s been some really untoward […]

No one likes a bully

I was certainly relieved when President Obama told us recently that our government would not monitor the telephones of the leaders of friends and allies ‚”unless there is a compelling reason.”‚Of course he did not promise such in regard to those who are not “leaders” nor to the American public at large. Neither did he […]

The Misery Index

  If you’re one of the millions of Americans just struggling to survive these days you’ll be glad to learn that for the first time, the majority of our Congressmen are millionaires. That’s right, more than 50 percent of them had a reported net worth of over $1 million in 2012. Many of them are […]

The gift that keeps on giving

My old friend Ernie called me up a few days after the holidays. “Hey, Holmes, You got any Christmas gifts you wish you’d never seen?” he asked. I thought immediately of a certain purple, checkered shirt I’d received. And the crystal candy dish, which would look like pearls on a pig in my place. “Pack […]

Monkey Gods

Well, it looks as if those yo-yos running the state government in Oklahoma City have shot themselves in their collective foot. Not that this is the first time. But this time it’s attracting national and even international attention and making Oklahomans look like ignorant, intolerant hay-seeds. Of course that may be what we deserve for […]

Team Red Thursday

My old friend, Ernie, called the other day and ask if I wanted to observe his new project that afternoon. I could hardly refuse because in the past, regardless of how outlandish his projects might have been, they usually proved to be interesting. After swearing I wouldn’t reveal the location to another soul he gave […]

Feed the Rich

In a secret, closed-door meeting in the Cayman Islands recently, twelve men sat around the table. It was a gathering of the Third Millennium Inter-Denominational Ecumenical Council and its members represented some of the large, Protestant denominations, the TV Evangelists, certain missionary groups and other Christian-oriented political and financial organizations. There was also a Catholic […]

Killing the Goose

In the week the stock market broke 16,000 for the first time I saw a news item about Sears and the huge net losses it and other big, traditional retailers have suffered. For Sears, this was a whopping $534 million this year, which was up from last year’s equally whopping $498 million. Sears CEO Edward […]

Thanksgiving Lists

It’s list season again. Shopping lists, grocery lists, Christmas lists, naughty/nice lists, New Year’s lists of sincere resolve. But oddly there is no Thanksgiving list. It would seem that if we’re truly thankful, we would at least take a few moments to reflect on such a list, on the many things for which we might […]


My old friend, Ernie, has been hunting wild pigs for some time now and I’ve tasted some of the best bacon and sausage that I’ve ever had made from these lean, wild animals. Although I might mention I’ve yet to taste any ham or roast, or ribs for that matter. Anyway, I wasn’t surprised when […]

A little belt-tightening

Robert and Phyllis Kretchmeyer had gathered their children around the kitchen table for a family discussion and decision making. The parents often included 12-year-old Bert and 8-year-old Samantha in such sessions because both parents believed it was a good way of teaching the principles of democracy and fair play. It seemed even more important lately […]

The Un-Christian Right

Way back when, I worked with a woman who professed a profound, fundamentalist-Christian belief. She was in sales and very successful at it. There was nothing, neither fairness nor integrity nor truth nor even her own sexuality, which would prevent her from making the sale. At the time I thought she must be a member […]

Ernie Gets Covered

I hadn’t seen my old friend Ernie since the Teaparty at his house where I made some disturbing comments to his conservative friends which prompted my early departure. I decided I had better call him to patch things up. We’ve been friends for a long time despite the fact that we seldom see eye-to-eye on […]