No parole for man who needs liver



When the Oklahoma Parole Board met in September, it recommended that 163 prisoners around the state be pardoned and released.
But when the list – winnowed down to 14 violent and/or sick offenders the Parole Board wanted to bid adieu –  went to Gov. Mary Fallin, she pardoned only two.
Among those who failed to make the very short list: A man at Dick Conner Correctional Facility in Hominy who has hepatitis B and C, liver cancer and needs a liver transplant – a procedure that costs on average about $500,000.
According to a restraining order that the inmate, Kenny Eugene Wingo, 52, filed in Osage County District Court last week, Conner’s warden and doctor wanted Wingo released to avoid incurring massive medical costs on the taxpayer’s dime.
Fallin’s refusal to grant parole, however, means that Wingo, who pleaded guilty last year to possession of meth in McAlester,

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One Response to “No parole for man who needs liver”

  1. Quiet Painter says:

    Didn’t we just vote to take the governor out of the loop when it comes to paroles? People are committing felonies just to get medical care I reckon and it’s way cheaper to send (him) to China or Mexico to get that operation.