One pleads, one balks in Skiatook shooting

Osage County Sheriff’s office investigate a fatel shooting west of Skiatook in October 2011. David L. Reed was pernounced dead at the scene by Skiatook EMS. The shooting is believed to have been a result of target practice gone wrong, but is still under investigation according to Undersheriff Lou Ann Brown. File photo Rachel Anne Seymour/Bigheart Times

One man pleaded guilty Tuesday and another was bound over for trial in the death of a much-loved Skiatook brickmason and farmer who was killed by a stray bullet

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4 Responses to “One pleads, one balks in Skiatook shooting”

  1. Kendall Johns says:

    Might want to use spell check before posting…

  2. Bigheart Times says:

    Kendall Johns, if you see a specific correction you would like us to make, please let us know. Thank you.

  3. Kendall Johns says:

    Fatal, not fatel. And pronounced, not pernounced. Sorry, spelling errors just jump out at me.

    • Bigheart Times says:

      We really do know how to spell. We just type so fast that we screw up a lot. And we clearly aren’t very attentive copy editors despite having three people and six eyes looking at every story.