Osage elections yield some absent absentee ballots, and more

The Osage Nation congressional elections were a tight race in the end, with only a 110 vote difference between sixth and fifteenth place of 34 candidates. The six congressmen and women elected were R.J. Walker, John Maker, Archie Mason, Shannon Love Edwards, Maria Whitehorn and John Jech. All of the constitutional amendments were defeated. After the close race, many voters and candidates are concerned about the fact absentee ballots showed up late or not at all to some voters. The Osage Nation Election Commission sent out absentee ballot information to 1,677 voters, according to Election Supervisor Alexis Rencountre, and more

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One Response to “Osage elections yield some absent absentee ballots, and more”

  1. Edisson says:

    I also was not comfortable with not puntitg my ballot directly into a machine but I suppose we should be asking why this company was chosen and why the process was changed. The budget appropriated for this election may have been an issue. I think that’s why there weren’t as many informative mailouts done by this election board.I also know that I personally spoke with voters who requested but didn’t receive absentee ballots. Were there enough of these individuals to change the outcome of any of the seats? I don’t know but each citizen who wished to vote should have had an opportunity to do so. Its a shame that didn’t happen. Its up to those voters if they wish to contest the election based on their inability to cast a ballot thru no fault of their own but rather because the requested ballot wasn’t sent out to them.I don’t know too many voters who will be willing to put up $500 of their own money for a recount and if there is a question to access to the ballots then a recount may not address the concerns of how many hands handled each ballot before it was counted.I hope that the Osage citizens who were uncomfortable with the process or were not allowed to vote will speak up so that these issues will be addressed by the election board as they are the only body who can do anything about this election. Laws may be amended to avoid these issues in future elections by our congress but that won’t affect this election.In the meantime I hope that regardless of the outcome the Osage people will continue to be involved in our government and will support the next administration by healing the divisions among our people.