Skiatook pastor says he rebuked out of love


Jim Standridge, pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church, has gained unexpected fame through his recently publicized rant.

A Skiatook pastor who rebuked several people in a May 19 videotaped sermon that has gone viral on YouTube says he did it out of love. “I know I’m right, and I know I haven’t done anything wrong,” said Jim Standridge, who has pastored Immanuel Baptist Church for 24 years. “I don’t want to offend. That’s not my intention.” Standridge’s wife, Connie, said they have been in

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3 Responses to “Skiatook pastor says he rebuked out of love”

  1. Susan in Tulsa says:

    Another humiliation for Oklahoma. I’m glad I’m not Mr. Cox’s mother. I wouldn’t have cared if my son was a grown man or not. I would have knocked that idiot pastor right on his demented backside…out of love, of course.

  2. Paula says:

    Above this comment it says, follow that Golden Rule you leaned at the age of five, too many people forget that. I hope those this pastor? has attacked will find a church where they are loved, for God is love.

    • Paula says:

      My comment about the Golden Rule of course was directed at the pastor. Pastors like this give Christianity a bad name. But, our Lord is nothing like this man.